Salacious Sounds: Kaskade ft. Ilsey – Disarm You (Ryos vs. Slywalker Remix)

Somewhat surprisingly, young prodigy Ryos has decided to recruit the help of a collaborator for his new remix of “Disarm You” by Kaskade, a lucky fan by the name of Slywalker. As crazy as this may sound, this melodic dubstep track actually turned out huge. I’m not actually sure how long Slywalker’s been producing, whether this is something he’s been wanting to pursue for awhile now etc. but he might as well keep going forward now having crushed this one with Ryos!


Truth be told, the Ryos I know of is a talented young progressive house producer, but this new Halsey remix of his has certainly taken him far outside of his comfort zone – to great success, mind you. Steering this track towards a future bass/trap style, Ryos demonstrates an uncanny ability as a young producer to master more than one sound, a skill that even some of the more seasoned producers struggle with.

While Halsey’s lyrical content leaves little to be desired as an anthem for the new age youth, much like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” almost a quarter century ago, Ryos somehow manages to up the production to give the track the full modern day dance music feel. Through the first verse you might not be able to detect Ryos’ craft, but by the time the chorus has hit you definitely will have heard it. Flashy synths and cool vocal samples give this track another dimension it was definitely lacking transforming “New Americana” into a festival trap anthem that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” most definitely was long ago.

WE GOT THIS COVERED: Borgeous And Ryos’ Machi Is Progressive House Euphoria

EDM’s new kid on the block is, like, literally a kid. It’s only been a year since the name Ryos hit the scene, and at only 17 years of age he’s teamed up with Borgeous on “Machi,” his very first Spinnin’ Records release.

[EDM Assassin Exclusive]- Interview with Ryos

We had the privilege of sitting down (emailing) with Ryos, to get a little insight about his recent success and how he found himself getting into the world of music production. Check out the full interview below and make sure you give his remix a listen, as well as his song with vocals by his girlfriend Allisa; both are excellent! I’d like to thank Ryos for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview for us as well. With so much going on, it’s awesome to see he is absolutely on top of things. We’d like to wish him the best of luck in the future and we cannot wait to see what 2015 brings!


Tritonal‘s Tritonia 002 is less than two weeks away. If you’re like me and can’t wait for the full release, then the slow unveiling of some of the tracks on the compilation have helped ease the anticipation. So far, we’ve heard three tracks from the album: Arston‘s remix of Tritonal’s “Electric Glow,” Noah Neiman‘s “Follow” ft. Mike Schmid, and “Renegades” by Jenaux ft. Pia Toscano, which is also out now as a single on Enhanced Recordings. So far, Tritonal has proven that this compilation is not only better than the first, but that there are still so many treasures waiting to be discovered.

The next track making its premiere before March 9th is “Eclipse,” from Ryos ft. Allisa Rose. I was already blown away by this song – a powerful, progressive tune featuring strong vocals from two relatively unknown artists. I’m always particularly drawn to these tracks in compilations, the surprise hits that make you want to find everything else the artist has produced. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Ryos was a 16-year old producer from New York!  Regardless of his age, his talent can’t be ignored. “Eclipse” is one of those tracks that has an element of darkness that makes Allisa Rose’s sharp vocals pierce your emotions that much more. On the production, plucky synths help build this track into something spectacular, before the drop that’s bigger than the chorus let’s on. It’s the perfect debut for two bright young stars.